Chicago, USA

Chicago is highly competitive in its ambition to become one of the most innovative cities globally. With up-to-minute technology and real-time video surveillance, the city is skyrocketing advancement. The Array of Things Project in Chicago covers robust plans to install sensors around the city. These initiatives will make Chicago the most data-driven government body in the futuristic world. The sensors will improve the quality of living, as they collect necessary information on every crucial daily activity like traffic, pollution, air quality, temperature, and many more.

The Array of Things Project and Digital Transformation

The city’s penchant for complete digital transformation will close the gap in the current digital divide.

The Array of Things initiative will also address open data portals, traffic congestion, and inbuilt problems like racial segregation.

The Open Data policy has made machine-readable data sets that directly access governmental programmes. The broadband speed and hyperlocal data will be amplified to optimise privacy innovation. This will bring digitalisation to local businesses.

Adhering to digital excellence proposals, Smart Chicago was founded in 2010. And in 2017, it merged with City Digital to become City Tech.

The three pillars of this project were to improve data access, foster digital skills, and develop meaningful products using data.

The IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will make sustainability and urban planning effective and efficient. It also aims to improve community engagement, as it prioritises community needs.

Chicago has initiatives for innovative infrastructure deployment.

The high-speed internet access will make Chicagoans digitally connected and create tech-savvy opportunities. The city has geared top-notch infrastructure development projects for maximising private investors’ experience. Urban technology experimentation and urban sensing will make Chicago industry leaders in such fields.

Education empowerment

Community codes and family networks have been introduced to improve the education field. Thousands of students are engaged in STEM skills by developing these initiatives that use online resources such as websites and social media platforms. Moreover, Chicago Public Schools (CPS) will be joining forces with the Network of Teaching Entrepreneurship (NTE) to form tech-related programs for Students. At the same time, they participate in entrepreneurial activities at a network level through training offered at Family Net Centres across Chicago.

Growth of Wireless Technologies

Chicago has also contributed to environmental sensing, spectrum research, and wireless connectivity. Municipal governments can display accountability and commitment through technology plans that empower quality services and digital workforce growth.


With up-to-minute technology, real-time video surveillance and a highly competitive atmosphere, Chicago is becoming one of the most innovative cities globally. The city’s push toward innovation has led to rapid advancements in technology.