Why is no one reading my blog?

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Feb 16, 2022

Blog Traffic Overview

Blog traffic is something that every business or professional blogger remains concerned about in the current times. Most content marketers have high expectations when they write. Many of us anticipate our work to entice customer engagement. However, this general misconception buds from a lack of knowledge about the right marketing industry strategies. If you are one of those folks troubled with little blog traffic, keep reading to understand the key reasons behind the lower reach of your content.

List of reasons why no one is reading my blog

 1.     Check where the focus is

Imagine you run a vegan shop and end up advertising meat products! These ironic circumstances can destroy your business. If your platform is a venue for lifestyle blogs, be strategic and create content that adheres to your theme. Diverting from the main focus can discourage readers from further exploration of your blog. You have to make sure that the contents meet the blog’s purpose altogether. Thus, it is vital to create themes and content that people want to read rather than personal preferences.

 2.     Keep an eye on the quality of your contents

Quality and consistency are two vital factors that can impact your blogs. In the early days, people were willing to spend their days reading any available online article. As technology and gadget proliferation increased, people accessed top-quality content with free online access. Hubspot identifies blogging as the most prevalent content marketing strategy after e-books (Reference: Hubspot). Even if your deadlines are looming, there is no point in generating low-quality content. Whatever time or money it takes, it is crucial to develop blogs worth reading. Moreover, this is the only way to keep pace with the rising competition.

 3.     Are you promoting yourself a bit too much?

Self-promotion is good given in low doses. It can entice more readers to your blog and has the potential to increase traffic. But, exaggerated self-promotion can impede reading and may even cause trust issues. Have you seen blogs stuffed with self-advertisements and begging readers to utilise their platform? You might find it pretty dull. You need a subtle promotion that makes your visibility stand out as the reader skim through the content. One way to promote your content is by creating a great Call-to-Action. Even if your readers do not become your customers, you can still make your blog engaging.

 4.     Have you integrated SEO yet?

SEO is essential in content marketing. To be a professional in your blogging, you need to know some technical SEO. SEO increases the searchability of your blog to create a buyer funnel. It also helps boost customer engagement and increase the brand’s credibility.

If your blogs are not easily discoverable in search engines, you can use simple methods to amplify your reach. Further, adhering to the theme and voice will help to retain customers. Eventually, you will get a better audience and a broader circle that prefers your blogs over others.