A Facebook cover photo is a great marketing tool to attract new followers and engage with existing ones.

It can brand your business, promote new products or services, or share information with your audience.

A well-designed cover photo can make your brand stand out in the Facebook News Feed, increasing engagement and potentially putting more eyes on your content.

So how do you create Facebook cover photos that suit your business?

Here’s our guide to creating the perfect one:

Facebook cover photos: The basics

Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing users see when they visit your page, so it’s essential that it looks professional and inviting.

According to Facebook, your Facebook cover photos should have the following specifications:

On desktop computers: a minimum of 820 pixels wide and 312 pixels high

On smartphones: 640 pixels wide and 360 pixels tall

When choosing Facebook cover photos for your profile image on social media, think about these questions:

How will people feel and respond when they see your Facebook cover photo —are they going to smile?

Will they feel confident about their next steps after looking at this image?

Do these feelings match how you want people to feel when visiting your website or store location?

Avoid These Mistakes

Don’t use a photo of someone else’s product. This is especially important if you’re selling products or services similar to those offered by other businesses—you don’t want your audience confused about what you do and who you are!

Don’t be afraid of using bright or dark colours in your imagery. Just make sure they’re not too bright or too dark—you want something that pops but doesn’t hurt the eyes either!

What can be Included in your Facebook cover photos

Call To Action can be added to your Facebook cover photos

Wireframes are one way to get great feedback on early drafts of websites and applications. These sketches allow you to get an idea across quickly without spending too much time on details such as colour schemes or images. Wireframes also help you stay focused on the structure and functionality of your website before you begin working on its aesthetics.

Facebook Cover Photos call to action

Once you have worked out all the details in your wireframe sketch, it’s time to create a prototype of your website or application. A prototype allows you to test different features before developing them into full-fledged products. This will enable developers and designers to work together more efficiently by eliminating design flaws.

Prototypes are great because they allow you to test ideas quickly before investing time and effort into actual design work.

They also give you a way to communicate with others about how their product should look and function so everyone’s on the same page when it comes time for implementation.

Choose a cover photo that reflects the kind of business you are

Choosing a Facebook cover photo is a great way to get your business’s personality across to potential customers.

Facebook users are looking for ways to personalize their experience on the platform, so if you can show off an aspect of your brand that is fun or unique, that could be an asset for you.

You may even want your cover photo design to reflect something related to these things!

Feature your products or services

If you are selling products or services, your cover photo is the best place to feature them.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to showcase a product or service that is new, unique or popular. If you have one item that represents your business well and people love it (even if they don’t), promote it!

In addition to promoting a particular product or service, another vital use for cover photos is showcasing a product or service sold at a discount. This can be helpful when trying to attract customers who might not otherwise know about your business but want something specific at an affordable price point.

Finally, if there’s something special going on with one item in particular—whether it’s being given away free or having some other special promotion—make sure people know about it by featuring those items prominently on your Facebook page!

Business milestone cover photos

Many businesses are using images of milestones as their Facebook cover photo. These milestones can be anything from opening a new store, launching a new service or product, or even the company’s anniversary.

The use of milestone images on Facebook cover photos is becoming increasingly popular as people want to share their achievements with others.

Cover photos featuring employees and business culture

Your cover photo is great for showcasing your business culture, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

As a business, your Facebook page is a great place to highlight the human side of your company.

A good cover photo will show fans who you are—who you are as an organization, what you and your brand stand for, and why they should care about working with or buying from you.

Your cover photo can also help potential customers get familiar with the people behind the brand (or even just one person) and feel they know them personally; if someone connects with that person in some way, they’ll likely be more willing to communicate with the brand too.

If you’re a company that focuses on giving back to the community, incorporate that into your cover photo by showing off some of the charity events you’ve participated in.

For example, if you’re an accounting firm that works with nonprofit organizations, it wouldn’t hurt to show off one of the clients or events that were particularly meaningful for your brand.

Another way businesses can use their Facebook cover photos is by showcasing their mission statement. This can be anything from “making lives easier for small businesses” to “helping our customers make money online.”

Featuring business culture not only helps build rapport with potential customers who share similar values. It also provides valuable information about what makes this particular business special and unique compared to other businesses within its industry niche market segment (i.e., accounting services).

Finally, businesses can use their Facebook cover photos to showcase their goals and how they plan on achieving them over time through various marketing campaigns such as social media advertising (e-mail marketing), public relations efforts (press releases) and many others.

Use your cover photo to share your brand’s personality.

For your Facebook cover photos to stand out from the crowd, consider using an image that shows off something unique about your brand’s personality rather than stock photos or cliches like cats and dogs (though pets are great if they’re part of who you are).

For example, if your company has a lighthearted attitude and uses jokes in its marketing materials, then include one in its Facebook business page’s cover photo! The more fun and personal you make things seem for people visiting your page, the more likely those people will become fans—and even customers!

Facebook cover photos typing likes

Use your cover photo to promote products, services or events.

Your cover photo should be unique and relevant to your brand. Consider featuring an image of your product or service or a picture of an event hosted by your company.

Consider posting pictures of food or drink specials if you run a restaurant.

If you run a retail store, view featuring images of clothing or other products available in the store.

You can also use your Facebook cover photos as opportunities to showcase any upcoming events that are happening at your company.

Use your cover photo to share the latest news about your business.

Don’t be afraid to share news about changes happening within your organization through social media platforms.

For example: “Starting next week, we’ll only offer delivery service between noon & 8 pm instead of all day long.”

Please ensure these updates are relevant so people don’t feel like they’re being bombarded with unwanted information every time they log onto their social media accounts; otherwise, nobody will want anything more than rudimentary information at first glance (e.g., hours open/closed).

Why Do You Need a Facebook Cover Photo?

Brand Awareness

Your business logo can be included in Facebook cover photos to increase brand awareness and recognition.

Use the right imagery for your brand. If you’re a bakery that sells cakes, then use the image of a cake in your cover photo. Or, if you own an antique store, show some old-fashioned items in the background of your cover photo.

The key here is to be as consistent as possible, so customers know what to expect when they arrive on your page.

Use Facebook cover photos to engage and connect with your audience.

Your Facebook cover photo should be relevant, engaging and exciting.

Ensure your cover photo is easy to understand at a glance—using some text rather than just images or graphics when possible.

Use your cover photo to build an active community.

Facebook cover photos can be used to build or create an online community with the same interests.

Think about who your target community audience is.

Are they mostly women of a specific age, like over 40s?
Do they have children?
Do they live in a specific region like Europe?
Are they primarily single parents?
Do they share a similar hobby?

Then select an image that conveys or best represents the community.

Facebook cover photos community

Your Facebook cover photo is an essential part of marketing for your business.

Consider what type of business you have.

If you sell online and have an e-commerce store, for example, selling physical products online like bicycles, consider using images from your product catalogues instead of just photographs of people smiling.

Another example is if you’re more focused on services than products— like a freelance designer—you might want to showcase some samples of past work.

Facebook cover photos are used in many ways to represent a company brand or message.

Think about what you want people who visit your page to know about who you are and what you do. Is it something new? Something big? Do you have special offers? What is unique about your business?

Choose an image that represents this idea best. If it’s something new, then show some evidence of it with text like “NEW”. If it’s something big, show how big by making the picture huge! Whatever message you decide on, make sure that the image says precisely what needs to be told so that people understand immediately when they see it in their newsfeeds (or even just as part of their browsing history).


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The following Facebook cover tips and guidelines will help you create a Facebook cover photo that is an appealing addition to your business page. The key is to be creative and use it to connect with customers and promote your brand identity.