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Websites are one of the most important aspects of running your business and must be updated and improved regularly.

Feedback is crucial in designing and building modern websites, apps and services. It allows you to use the information to further conversations with them and improve your service.

Here are ways to get started with user feedback for websites:

Invite feedback at the right time.

When you invite users to give you feedback, do it after they’ve had a chance to use your website or app for a while—not when they’re first signing up or immediately after making a purchase.

You want them to have had some time with the website before asking for their opinion because they won’t be able to articulate what they like and dislike about your site if they haven’t used it yet.

Make it easy to give feedback.

There are ways to make it easy for people who use your website or app to provide feedback. You can do the following activities:

1) Create a survey or poll.

You’ll want to create an easy-to-understand survey or poll that asks questions relevant to your site.

You may also include an open-ended question in your survey that allows users to provide more detailed feedback about their experience on your site.

2) Create a discussion or feedback forum

These are the things you need to set up:

  • Create a new forum with the same name as your website
  • Make sure you’re using the correct URL for your forum.
  • Set up some rules and guidelines for the comments in the forum, like how long they need to be, what topics are off-limits, etc.
  • Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start inviting people to participate! You can do this by sending out emails to your customers or followers on social media—just make sure they know what they’re signing up for and why it’s essential.
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3) Hold an interview.

This can be done in person, via Zoom, over the phone, or via email. The important thing is that you get direct feedback from the people who use your site daily.

4) Add a feedback link or address to your website.

One of the easiest ways is to add a feedback link or address to your website. This will allow users to easily submit their thoughts on what they liked or didn’t like about your site so that you can improve it accordingly.

Another option is to create a form where users can provide their comments directly. Make sure there’s a straightforward way of contacting you if they need help or if they have questions. Email addresses and phone numbers should always be visible on every page. You could also offer live chat for users who prefer instant responses over waiting for an email reply.

5) Get Testimonials from customers.

You can get feedback by getting some testimonials from your customers. This will help you build credibility, and it’s also a way of showing people that other people have used your service or product before them. You can ask them how they would improve it or what else they’d like to see in the future.

Use an anonymous tool.

You can use an anonymous tool to collect feedback without your users having to log in or share personal information. This is why many popular market research tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms allow you to run surveys asynchronously.

Summarise user feedback in a report.

Because collecting and analysing feedback can be time-consuming, it’s essential to summarise your findings in a report.

Summarising user feedback allows you to quickly see what users say about your website and how they feel about it.

A summary report should include the following:

  • A list of all the tasks or questions you asked users during testing
  • How many people completed each task or answered each question
  • The most common answers given by users for each task or question you asked them

What are the benefits of gathering user feedback?

Gathering user feedback is a great way to understand better how your users interact with your website. It helps you know how they find your content, what they’re looking for, and what cues they use to navigate your site.

By learning about your user’s behaviour patterns and needs, you can make changes to the site that will improve their experience.

Here are other benefits of gathering user feedback:

  • It provides better communication with customers who are seeking specific information or products.
  • It helps increase conversion rates or improve customer satisfaction levels!


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User feedback is vital in improving your website’s usability and content. By inviting users to give you feedback, you can collect valuable information to help improve your site. The most important thing is that you choose a tool that fits your needs and will make it easy for people to give their input without intimidation or difficulty.